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SmarD Angle Homes

 A sustainable house kit

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SmarD Angle homes and cottages are unique, they are designed and built to be used in resorts, camping grounds, farm houses, or getaway cottages with multiple floor plans layouts and features. 

Angle homes can be installed anywhere, in remotest of places on hilly slopes, on the beaches, water fronts and also on no construction zones. 

An Angle home can be most simply defined as a home where most of the major components such as the framing is prefabricated in a factory and then delivered to your site where it is assembled.  It is like putting a standardised house in a box. The frame of the Angle home is made from Light gauge Steel framing (LGSF) is a construction technology using cold-formed steel as the construction material.

It can be used for roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof panels, decks, or the entire buildings, depending on the design of the house, your personal preference, and your overall budget.

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We sell Smard Angle Homes which has got everything (IKEA TYPE)

SmarD Angle Homes are easy to assemble at your site. It’s complete with living a Living Room, kitchen, bedroom and a bath room. It can be set up in just a week's time. 

SmarD Angle homes are more durable and energy efficient than traditional homes. They are built using a new construction method that makes them resistant to fire, floods, rot, pests, high winds.

SmarD Angle Homes are designed to be small and lightweight enough to transport anywhere in India and simple enough to assemble like Ikea Furniture. 

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