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Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your project


Modular Prefab Buildings

At Smard  we’re inspired by the endless potential of prefabricated modular design. We create stunning, sustainable residential and commercial projects.


Frame Houses (LGSF) 

Our design philosophy is focused on rationalising the structural elements within the building to provide a more efficient construction programme and cost effective build methodology.


PEB Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings (PEB) use predetermined inventory of raw materials. This flexibility allows PEB Steel to fulfill almost building configurations, custom designs, and applications.


Multi Family Housing

Modular multifamily housing construction can increase the development of healthy affordable housing by saving significant space, cost, time, and resources.


Home Extension Solution

House extensions offer a cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing alternative to moving house – be inspired by our roundup of ideas to get your project off the ground


Container Living Space

We believe everyone should be able to own their own home. Buying a property is expensive and there's a general shortage of land and accommodation nationwide. We build container homes, offices, retail outlets


Moudular Hospitals

Each prefabricated hospital is manufactured in a factory, offering you a high quality end result. MEP is inbuilt into the walls, and the quality standardised throughout.


SmarD Angle Homes 

SmarD Angle homes and cottages are unique, they are designed and built to be used in resorts, camping grounds, farm houses, or getaway cottages with multiple floor plans layouts and features.  Angle homes can be installed anywhere, in remotest of places, on hilly slopes, on the beaches, water fronts and also on no construction zones. 


Modular Fuel Stations

Sophisticated modular construction concept for the modernisation of existing petrol stations ensure a quick resumption of business operations.


Modular Multistorey Buildings

Modular construction offers faster and safer manufacturing, better predictability to completion time, superior quality. We have pre-built modules available for G+7 buildings.



Mobile Medical Units combined to form a larger hospital facility that can provide on site medical treatment during natural disasters, pandemic or can be use as a clinic or lab on wheel.


Hospital Extension

Modular hospitals are an extension of hospital infrastructure and can be built adjacent to an existing hospital building. If you need to add an Operating room, ICU, Patient room, or an isolation wared with your existing RCC hospital in any of the floors, we can provide you the solotion In a week's time.


Modular Operating Room

We offer turnkey engineering solutions for modular operating rooms which includes site survey, design, supply, supervision, Installation, Testing & commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of the system.


Mobile Operating Room

The mobile surgical unit provides emergency surgical procedure, Hospital Preparedness and Mass Casualty Management is one area where attention is required during disaster/emergency situations.


Mobile Medical Contingency

Hospitals are vulnerable to the stresses of disaster responses due to a number of inherent characteristics such as Complexity of services, Dependence on lifelines such as power, medical gases, HVAC and waste collection etc.


Mobile Hospital Lease

With the ever-increasing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases spreading through India at a rapid rate, our mobile hospital rental service.  We can rent a mobile hospital unit as per your requirment. 


Retrofit Experts

Retrofitting is an economical approach to increase the life span of an existing structure rather than redeveloping it. RC Structure can be retrofitted using Re-inforcement Concrete Jacketing or steel caging. 


Interior Fit-out & Joinery

We have a proven track record working on all types of Fit-Out Projects throughout India. Our wide range of in-house resources are a fundamental part of how we deliver a successful project.


MEP Services

Smard  is a global MEP contracting company with its expertise in MEP systems in large scale and challenging projects. We know the dynamics of fast-track schedules and rigorous construction standards, and we know exactly how project team members can best collaborate.


Aluminium Glazing

Smard has vast experience in designing, supplying and installing a wide range of exterior facade systems,aluminium windows, doors and curtain wall, architectural glass, rainscreen cladding and more. 


Steel & Wood Furniture

We manufacture steel framed wooden

heavy duty outdoor furniture, as well as indoor furniture, gates and many other items. Everything we supply is made in our Palakkad Factory, Kerala.


Chalet Rental

We design and manufacture high quality chalets in a carefully tailored production process. We offer a suitable chalet for every budget and you will be professionally guided from start to finish, from interior design to final realisation.


LGS - Stud & Track

Buy the Best Steel Studs and Tracks from Smard. There’s a solution for all your needs when you shop for steel at Smard. We offer a comprehensive selection of steel studs, steel tracks, and related products.


Panel Fabrication

We design and manufacture of lightweight steel construction frames and trusses. Using the PinnacleFRAMER System, fully automatic wall, floor and roof truss frame design production system using one single dedicated profiles.


Medical Engineering 

Smard  has been providing design and construction services to hospital owners,  doctors, medical specialists, surgeons and healthcare providers across UAE, India & Africa. Modular concepts provide end-to-end equipment solutions to healthcare sector.


Medical Equipments 

We Supply, install & test and commissioning Medical Gas System, Hygiene Air Conditioning, Pneumatic Tube System, Nurse Call System, Radiation Sheilding, HVAC Systems, Air Handling Unit, Laminar Flow system.


Renovation and Maintenance

Smard have been providing a complete range of building maintenance services to healthcare, hospitality, Educational, commercial and residential clients all over India. 

“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” 


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