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Renovation & Maintenance

Smard Modular is a Renovation & maintenance  Specialists.

Quality renovation we provide quality renovation or building extension job from concept, design & to completion.

Our experience with renovations of all types has allowed us to fine tune prefab hospital, home or office building renovation process to ensure that each project runs smoothly and meets our clients’ expectations.

MEP Maintenance

We are taking AMC for Operation and Maintenance of MEP services including HVAC for Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, and Residential Buildings. 

Building Renovation

We are providing quality Building renovation services as the structural and technical restoration, or modernisation of one or several floors or even an entire existing 

Sustainable Building 

We audit your building structural strength, Plumbing, Electrical, masonry leakage, and make the check lists of snags and fix ti professionally. 

Building 'Retrofit

Our Structural Engineers will calculate the load for the floors on top. This involves placing an additional layer of concrete around the existing footing, column and beam 

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