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Shipping Container Moveable Hospitals

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A Viable Resource to fill the gap India's Impending Shortage of Hospital Facilities in the pandamic.

Shipping containers can quickly, and cost effectively, be transformed into full service mobile hospitals and transported wherever needed.

Because of their modular design and portability, shipping container hospitals can be expeditiously deployed on site at critical infrastructure facilities and from there relocated as needed to designated areas in and around major population centers.

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These units are stackable and scale-able – with the ability to customize in virtually limitless configurations/reconfigurations and scale options.

Container Hospitals are self contained for maximum isolation when needed.

Built-in segregation affords less exposure for medical personnel versus more traditional hospital

building configurations.

Container Hospitals are easily stored and re-usable for rapid deployment in the future.Each unit is a self-contained biosphere with dedicated AC/Heating ventilation and lighting.

Units provide dual connectivity to power grid and/or mobile generator.

Container Hospitals lend themselves to more effective/efficient cleaning/disinfection regimes.

Our company in Palakkad in Kerala has a huge factory for container production and customization

It would be our honor and privilege to 100% dedicate our people and resources to the mission of producing, on an expedited emergency basis, customized Container Hospitals for rapid deployment to hotspots across the nation as a supplement to help fill the expected need for significant ICU and other hospital bed space and treatment facilities.

Whether new or used, we proudly offer our storage container modification services for all shipping containers. Our expert team of skilled representatives is here to guide and assist through the entire process. Once our team learns the detailed application, they will go above and beyond to meet your exact needs, while making necessary suggestions and agreed to adjustments along the way.

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Military/Government Grade hospital Shipping Containers

Integrated has available a full range of new and used standard and modified Shipping Containers for use in this initiative. We also used our factory manufactured containers as well.

ICU in a Container

aims to simplify and expedite the process of delivering ICU and isolation ward facilities throughout India that are robust, reliable, compliant and quick to assemble and commission.

Portable, containerised solution

• Complies with international standards for isolation ward and intensive care unit

• Specially designed ventilation system is effective against COVID-19 and similar diseases

• Stand alone or retrofitted into existing infrastructure

• Functional and practical

• Robust and reliable

• Quick and easy to build

• Operational and maintenance friendly

fully fitted with hospital mechanical and electrical services off-site manufacture reducing cost and time flexible and scalable

The design team has been engaging with specialist clinical teams from government and private sector relating to most appropriate design for emergency hospital facilities, taking most recent international policies into consideration. The clinical processes and configurations of these policies, in terms of infection prevention and control, have guided us to our concepts.


Can be re-used as a later stage as Outpatient facilities, Consulting rooms, Offices, Clinics, Community centres, Laboratory Test Centres, etc.

Portable - A container can easily be moved from one location to another. Allows flexibility of use in terms of overall site layout Modification and fit out can occur off-site, prior to delivery to site, compliant to WHO suggested layouts

Weather-proof system, Can be incorporated with other systems to form a hybrid structure (eg prefabricated and membrane or metal sheeting systems for circulation; membrane systems for screening including tower stacking.

Container provides solid floor, ceiling and wall, ready for an infection resistant finish, Container internal floor offers a substrate for a floor finish, Pre modification and fit-out of containers means manufacturing under factory conditions and can be kept in stock and transported to required sites in the province at short notice superior strength and security.


Affordable - No need to lay foundations or pay for months of construction work. The cost per square meter of a customised steel container is significantly lower than the cost of constructing a building from scratch

Strong and secure - Made from durable, weather-resistant steel, a converted container is designed to provide superior strength and security.

Quick assembly and installation turn around time - A fully fitted container will take days from inception to final commissioning

Can be shipped anywhere in the world fully fitted with all services.


We’ve taken our vast experience designing and manufacturing prefabricated modular buildings for the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas sector and developed “Med-Con,” an agile rapidly deployed “Modular Containerized Hospital Solution” designed to take the pressure off and increase hospital infrastructure and capacity.

FIELD HOSPITAL This solution is made by medical containers and Tents (inflatable or with metal frame). Easy and quick to install and it doesn’t need any ground preparation. It is normally used in the first emergency and in a short military operations.

MOBILE MODULAR HOSPITAL This solution is made by medical containers and modular structures, it is more comfortable than tents solution but it needs a ground preparation. It is normally used for long term operations or as civil hospital.

A military or Navy rather an emergency mobile hospital should be considered at first. With some simplification it can be considered as a limited model consists of basic diagnostic equipment and relatively simple treatment rooms, corresponding to an operation or resuscitation rooms.

Our company, engaged in designing & developing a wide range of mobile medical solutions that form an integral part of mobile medical solutions

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