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Modular Buildings, Affordable Housing and Building Materials Solutions:

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Smard Modular a range of standard and bespoke modular buildings that meet building codes and international standards, architectural appeal, and operational requirements equivalent to traditional construction. The construction is off-site in factory-controlled environment, allowing for a more sustainable building process with w aste avoidance upstream, quality control and testing, and reduced site disruption and disturbance. Additionally, the reduced construction time ensures at least 50% faster occupancy and thereby faster ROI than conventional construction. Smard Modular is able to construct multi-level steel frame buildings with concrete floors, and fire-rated walls to be stacked to 7 levels. Smard Modular is the leading Prefab building construction companies in Kerala

Retail & Hospitality - hotels, motels, restaurants, villas, malls, stores, and sales centers

Education - schools, classrooms, offices, universities and student accommodation/dormitories, child care centers, nurseries

Health - medical clinics, buildings for medical facilities and hospitals

Commercial - office buildings, administrative complexes, security and control units

Residential - student housing, retirement living, worker accommodation (Learn more about our Affordable Housing Division), villa developments, low-rise/mid-rise apartments, Corporate housing

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