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modular multi storey buildings

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Modular G+7 Building Construction

Modular building is a construction technique whereby buildings are highly prefabricated offsite by the manufacturing of volumetric modular units. These room-size units are fabricated with great precision and then transported on-site to be assembled in a short time. Modular construction refers to the application of a variety of structural systems and building materials, rather than a single type of structure. Prefabrication by off-site manufacturing can lead to a reduced overall construction schedule, improved quality, and reduced resource wastage. 


Modular construction is considered as a game-changing technology since it offers faster construction, safer manufacturing, better quality control, and lower environmental impacts compared with the traditional onsite construction.

The modular system has been used before for in low-rise,  but in recent years, modular steel buildings has gained engineers’ attention for their application to midor high-rise structures in different building types. Furthermore, research interest in new modularity techniques has also increased, developing new systems and helping to widen the use of modular construction. 

Prefabricated building construction systems

The modular construction technologies are becoming widely used all over the world finding more and more applications. Modular construction is beyond the limits of low-rise construction and is extensively introduced into multi-storey and high-rise construction. In this direction energy saving construction technology is used. Material resources, eco-friendly production and the latest engineering equipment and materials are developed. It allows modernizing modular systems and introducing them in construction on a larger scale.


It is very important that the use of modular units makes the construction cheaper including the construction of high-rise
buildings. A myth that high-rise residential houses are only for the rich is being destroyed. This is one of the
promising trends where the interested experts should find the ways of solving the problem of building affordable
residential housing for different population groups under the conditions of hyperdense urban environment. 

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