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Mobile OT in Mass Casuality

Manufactured in Palakkad, Kerala as a fully-equipped prefab operating theatre that can operate standalone or connected to a host site. The mobile surgical unit provides emergency surgical procedure, Hospital Preparedness and Mass Casualty Management is one area where attention is required during disaster/emergency situations.


If the health systems in the area of disaster are ill-prepared to deal with the mass casuality events, the mobile medical CU and mobile surgical units with available resources can provide the necessary life saving interventions.

Mobile Operation Theatre

Smard Modular has been trialling an innovative mobile surgical space that could revolutionise the way our medical 
teams conduct surgery in conflict zones and in the aftermath of emergencies. An operating theatre on wheels is changing the face of day surgery in rural India.

Operating theatre can be customized as portable surgical unit equipped with an air filter that provides sterile conditions for surgery. Quick to deploy and designed for repeated use.

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