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Make Hospitals Safe in Emergency 

Mobile Contingency Unit
for Hospitals 

Hospitals are vulnerable to the stresses of disaster responses due to a number of inherent characteristics such as Complexity of services, Dependence on lifelines such as power, medical gases, HVAC and waste collection etc. 

Hospitals are one of the essential institutions that must continue to function when an emergency event occurs. In spite of its importance, health facilities are themselves vulnerable to disasters and can get damaged, risking the lives of patients and health workers.

Functional elements that must be considered in order to ensure that the health facility can withstand and
remain operational in emergencies. It forms an essential reference for hospital administrators and planners including architects, engineers, safety officers, management, and emergency managers. It enumerates indicators in the form of a checklist that can be easily used in planning for construction, retrofitting, renovation.

We customize our Medical backup mobile trailer according to your requirements such as external power requirement, Intergrate integrate Medical Gas to your existing pipe lines or even if you require a full fledge Operating room or ICU Module We can deploy to your hospital quickly on lease basis. Saving lives is our priority. Hospitals then must be safe from disasters and prepared to do its vital role.

The World Health Organization recognizes the need for making hospitals safe, especially at a time of disasters
and emergencies, when they must be ready to save lives and continue providing essential health services to
the community. Modcongroup is developed a mobile backup system Improve the emergency management capacity of health workers and institutions during emergency. A safe hospital must remain organized with contingency plans in place and health personnel trained to keep the network operational.

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