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Modular construction: From projects to products

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Modular Concepts

At Smard, we believe in the power of modular construction to enable better design, better building and better environments.

Established in 2006, we are a turnkey modular construction company, having designed and constructed over 300 projects spanning healthcare, residential, education, infrastructure, retail, petrochemical and the community sector.

In India all our projects are completed at our modular design and construction factory in Palakkad which is home to a team of 500+ staff, stretches over 2 acres and incorporates our manufacturing facility, an extensive display suite and design office.

By utilising modern methods of construction, we can deliver your project more efficiently, more sustainably and to a higher quality.

Smard  a Leader in Turn-Key Modular Building Construction 

We emphasize on customer satisfaction and control on our projects we undertake, thereby we had to develop and add other scopes including Civil works , MEP and fitouts and last by not the least Modular offsite construction which add value addition to a healthcare client, providing Comprehensive end to end Healthcare solution from construction till Equipping of the facility from a single Entity.

Smard Modular manufactures residential, commercial, educational & healthcare infrastructure projects of considered quality through modular, prefabricated building. From designing your fitout to maintaining it post-build, we consult our clients at every point in the project.

Our success is due to our passion to expand so we could offer more to our clients, innovate medical solutions , quality and timely delivery so we could continue to delight the customer.

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Modular construction trends shaping
the Indian Construction industry

Our approach to modular design and construction is intelligent, ethical, sustainable and reliable. We collaborate with our clients and architect partners to deliver projects built on years of experience – seamless in construction, with integrity at the core, and impressive from every angle.

From designing your fitout to maintaining it post-build, we consult our clients at every point in the project.  

Our team members are trained in a range of professional specialisations, so we can complete your fitout in-house.

Our portfolio includes several large-scale projects in healthcare sector. From hospitals to residences,  we know how to work with different  organisations. 

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We are constantly researching and developing new products and designs. Our development staff continually update our building system to incorporate the latest design innovations, materials and technology available, offering greater efficiency and diversity to our customers.


At Smard, we aim to lead the way in Indian modular building design and construction. We are committed to sustainability and continuously looking for ways to further reduce our impact on the environment during the construction of our unique designs.


Being open and honest and  adding  value  to  the  society  by  making  responsible decisions.

Providing turnkey, comprehensive in house capabilities to deliver healthcare infrastructure worldwide

Offsite modular construction not only cuts costs and construction times but also benefits people and the planet.



Smard recognises its responsibility to exceed all client expectations. This commitment extends to ensuring that the organisation’s operations do not place any stakeholder at risk from the activities undertaken. 


At Smard, we believe that the health and wellbeing of our people and the public is of upmost value. Everyone who works with us has an important role to play, as a company we strive to ensure that our work is completed safely and without risk to ourselves and those we work with.


With the rise of environmental awareness among governments and corporations, green construction practices are more popular than ever. Modular construction can make the building sector more sustainable, using materials more efficiently and minimizing waste.

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